About Shine

is a documentary about the men and women who shaped Roanoke advertising. In this process, they also shaped our city and contributed much to our culture.

The project was the result of the efforts of dozens of people who researched, transcribed tapes, organized and embraced the vision of paying tribute to our profession. The Roanoke Chapter of the  American Advertising Federation worked with the producers, providing volunteers to the project.

Ultimately more  100 people were involved in the project in some way. It is more than a documentary. It is a love letter to our profession.

The Producers

The project could have never come to fruition without the tireless work of Dave Perry.  Dave shot the bulk of the interviews traveling as far as Georgia to talk to some of our legendary characters. He edited, polished, and curated virtually every frame.

Dave is a prolific filmmaker working with talented directors, producers, production companies, and agencies from Florida to California. He owns Dave Perry Cinematographer LLC, in Roanoke, Virginia. While he has produced several award-winning shorts, Shine is his first feature-length documentary. 

Shine was originally the vision of Todd Marcum. Todd was responsible for much of the timeline and story selection as well as digging up interviews, resources, and relics of our advertising heritage. He had the good fortune to work with and beside many exceptional advertising and business people.

Todd’s work has been recognized through hundreds of local, regional, and national advertising awards. He is a recipient of the AAF Silver Medal for lifetime achievement in advertising.  He is the president of Access Advertising.

Why Shine? 

The obvious reason this documentary is titled  “Shine” is as a homage to the  man-made star that was originally the result of an advertising project.

Others may think it is meant to reflect the luminary talents of the people honored through the documentary.

The real reason is much deeper than that. Shine is not just a noun, it is a verb. It reflects the process through which something ordinary is refined, polished, worked on and worried over until it is transformed into something more than it was.

The results of the work of the people who have worked in this industry before us is a better advertising community, a better city, and a better world.  This is how they shined.

About Buddy & Bo, LLC

Buddy & Bo, LLC exists to create and promote Shine: The Legacy of Roanoke’s Advertising Men and Women as well as to encourage others to preserve and celebrate the passion of their industry.